R & D

Testing & Validation

All products manufactured and supplied by Ecocat India go through a stringent Testing and Validation regimen that ensures that they meet global standards and delight customers with reliability and zero defect quality.


Ecocat India has a state-of-the-art facility for product evaluation and validation as per BS VI where testing and validation is performed with prototypes on vehicle and engine applications as per test request/specification received after mechanical or chemical development.

Emission Solutions Testing in Euro VI, CEV IV & V and TREM IV & V categories work with 124 kW Chassis Dynamometer for 2, 3, 4 wheelers, 380 kW, 2000Nm Transient Dynamometer and 50 kW, 90 Nm Eddy Current Dynamometer. The products go through tests for WMTC cycle, IDC cycle, TDC cycle, Emissions on customised cycles, Power Measurement, Endurance Duty cycles, Customised cycles, Emissions optimization and Combustion optimization besides Acceleration and Deceleration tests.

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World class testing equipment comprises the Automation system, Horiba Mexa One RS for raw emissions, Horiba Mexa SPCS 2300 for PN measurement, Horiba FTIR for multi gas measurement + NH3 slip, ABB Sensiflow for intake airflow measurement, iASYS Orbit E automation system, AVL Opacimeter and Horiba DLT-1230 Full Flow Dilution Tunnel. Sourced from Horiba, other equipment include CHAM 1000 weighing chamber, CVS One, MEXA One C1, CHAM 1000 and DLS One PM sampler

Validation of New Products

  • Substrate Pressure Drop Studies
  • Mechanical Durability Testing
  • Wash coat Endurance
  • Testing Emission performance testing for Gasoline, CNG & Diesel applications
  • Evaluation of Regeneration Systems for Diesel Applications
  • Correlation Studies
  • The testing and validation for Ecocat’s Muffler & Cold end Assembly is carried out at facilities which are part of its joint venture partner Sejong Tesk Vikas.

Tests for Validation

  • Cold flow back pressure Test
  • Hot flow back pressure Test
  • Mass emission tests as per different legislation like MoRTH/TAP/115-116, AIS 137, CPCB, ISO etc
  • Regeneration system evaluation Test
  • Durability Tests
  • Customize Tests on Engine as well as Vehicle