R & D

R & D Facilities

The world class Research & Development at Ecocat India Pvt Ltd is recognized by Government of India’s Department of Scientific & Industrial Research for its leading edge work. It works through two synchronous facilities for Mechanical and Chemical R&D to develop clean, green technologies that set global benchmarks in efficiency and cost effectiveness.

A dynamic team of engineers, post graduates, doctorates and post doctorates, well experienced in handling after treatment projects, works with latest analytical equipment for preparation, characterization and evaluation of materials. The research is driven by cost as well as stringent and dynamic legislative norms. Ecocat’s own R&D labs are supported by external emission laboratories for application engineering and long term development. The company also enjoys long term development co-operation with several high technology organisations and chemical manufacturers.


At Ecocat India, the primary focus of research comprises:

  • Three Way Catalyst (gasoline, LPG & CNG) washcoat optimised for OSC & endurance
  • Washcoat design & development and coating processes for Diesel emission after Treatment System DOC, DPF, SCR, ASC and their application specific variants
  • Customized washcoat chemistries and coating processes optimized for ceramic as well as metallic substrates
  • Coating process development for different substrate types
  • Efficient PGM usage for better effectiveness at lower costs
  • Coating Process technology for new products and improving Cost, Quality and Reliability

Mechanical R&D

Ecocat India’s Mechanical R&D Laboratory works with cutting edge design modelling and simulation software. Designs are conceptualised using 3D modelling software in conjunction with in-house developed simulation software for catalyst sizing.

  • Exhaust manifold tests via partner(s)
  • Hot vibration tests via partner(s)
  • Radial compression test in house
  • Axial push-out test in house
  • Water shock test via partner(s)
  • Washcoat adhesion tests in house
  • Rapid engine aging via partner(s)
  • Several test vehicles in use for verifications and endurance tests
  • Engine dyno and CVS tests via partners
  • Synthetic gas simulation tests for petrol, diesel, CNG in house

Chemical R&D

Externally supported by emission laboratories and several advanced research institutes for application engineering and long term development, Ecocat India’s state-of-the-art Chemical R&D Laboratories focus on leading edge technologies.

Drop Cemical
  • Catalyst Performance Evaluation
  • Washcoat materials Characterization
  • Technology Transfer & validation
  • Washcoating Process Design & Development
  • Plant Support
  • New Washcoat Chemistry Design & Development
  • Chemical Kinetics Simulation

Materials Characterization Facilities

At Ecocat India, a special emphasis on the quality of the raw material used in our various products is the foundation of our proverbial quality and reliability. A wide range of tests and facilities are deployed for material characterization.


Materials Characterization Facilities

Equipment Objective
XRF Estimation of transition elements including PGM
ICP Estimation of transition elements including PGM
Chemisorption Unit Temperature programmed studies Specific Metal Surface Area Oxygen storage capacity NOX / Ammonia adsorption/desorption
Mass Spectrophotometer Determination of components (mass balance)
Surface Area Analyzer & porosimeter Washcoat Powder Surface Area & Pore Characterization
Optical microscope Visual validation of washcoating uniformity
Laser Particle Size Analyzer Estimation of particle size distribution
Thermal Analyzer Determination of thermal stability of materials
Powder XRD Crystallinity, crystallite size & phase determination of washcoat materials

Other characterization facilities such as SEM, AFM is outsourced

Catalyst Evaluation Facilities

Equipment Objective
Performance Evaluation
Fully automatic Synthetic Gas test Bench LOT & Conversion Efficiencies
FTIR Multi gas analyzer Volumetric estimation multiple gases simultaneouses
Durability Studies
Catalytic converter accelerated Ageing System A setup to study durability of catalytic converters (Thermal, Hydro-thermal, Oxidative & reductive)
Sulphur ageing system A setup to study effect of sulfur poisoning on catalytic converters