Catalyst Substrates

VIKPIC® B : Brazed Substrate

Straight channel brazed substrate Ecocat India manufactures as highly efficient flow-through straight channel substrates with varying cell densities (CPSI). Foil thickness are choosen depending on application demands (40~100 microns). Brazing is done in vaccum furnace.

VIKPIC® - D : Turbulent Flow Substrates

EcoCat ® Substrates A highly efficient manufacturing method is employed for the production of VIKPIC - D substrates. The gas flow through the substrate channels is forced into the swirling motion which provides the increased residence time for particulate matter inside the substrate, thus enhancing product efficiency. The turbulent flow ensure better heat & mass transfer.

Ceramic Substrates : Coated

Ceramic Substrates Advanced coating technologies for Ceramic Substrates of all shapes, dimensions & cell densities.

VIKPIC® X, L & F (Particle Oxidation Catalysts) for Diesel Applications

POC X and L (Particle Oxidation Catalysts) for Diesel Application VIKPIC is a catalyst concept designed and developed for diesel engines to achieve EURO IV, V & VI emission limits by trapping and oxidizing the particulates. The substrate channels are made from corrugated screen layers forming a nonblocking element. The reduction of particulate matter (PM) significantly exceeds its volatile organic content with 50 - 75% PM conversions being achieved. This passively regenerated particle filter does not require any complicated diagnostics to be used for the installation & use on vehicles.

VIKPIC® - S : Substrates for CNG & Gasoline Applications

OFC Substrates for CNG & Gasoline Applications CNG catalysts for both stoichiometric and lean burn engines are available . The company has developed a unique coating method called Differentiated Chemistry Technology to enhance catalyst selectivity. New generations wash coat technologies have shown excellent results and resistance to sulphur poisoning. LPG and Bi Fuel Catalysts are also available. High flexibility in diameter, length & shape. Cell densities from 50 to 1250 cpsi are available.

VICAT DPF Diesel Particulate Filter

DPF Diesel Particulate Filter VICAT DPF is based on a silicon carbide / cordierite / AT filter material with a thin special solgel type wash coat on pores to provide longer regeneration interval & lower regeneration temperature. Pt & Pt/Pd are added as active material on coating. We can also do coating and canning for the customer's selected DPF substrates.


EcoXcell Special X layer foil structure with maximum mechanical durability and with excellent flow distribution and mixing properties. Used as Urea Mixer Substrate in SCR systems, as modular and rectangular. Substrate for Locomotive, Marine & Stationary applications.