Catalyst Coatings for different applications

Ecocat India Coating for various applications

  • Three way catalysts (Pt/Pd/Rh) for Gasoline, CNG & LPG.
  • Diesel oxidation catalysts (Pt/Pd).
  • Catalyzed VIKPIC® – X, VIKPIC® – L, VIKPIC® - F (Pt/Pd).
  • Coated DPF (Pt), (Pt/Pd).
  • CNG catalysts λ=1 & lean, (Pt, Pd, Rh etc.)
  • Urea hydrolysis catalysts.
  • Vanadia based SCR catalysts.
  • Tailor made formulation for each application.
  • State-of-the-art coating technologies like Zone Coating, Layered architecture, Decentralized Chemistry etc.

ECOCAT INDIA co-operates with dosing/system integrator to provide complete DPF systems while ensuring full support and service from our technical department.





Ecocat India provides several wash coating methods such as Single bricks & Double
brick catalysts, Multi-Layered, Zone & Decentralized Chemistry.

We also have special washcoats to cater NMHC / THC / Gasoline / CNG / LPG / Bi Fuel /
Diesel / DPF / SCR requirements.

Single Brick

Double brick catalysts (DBC) with Pt/Pd/Rh in different
bricks to optimize the systems.

Zone Coating

Any of the above technologies are used to best meet the emission needs depending on the rich, λ=1 or lean operating engine conditions. Pt:Pd:Rh, Pt:Ph, Pd:Rh etc. are also suitably used to optimize the size & cost of catalysts.